Thursday, December 01, 2016

Weirwood Tree from "Game of Thrones"

"The Weirwood is a species of deciduous tree found all over Westeros; it has white bark with five-pointed, blood-red leaves and sap.  A heart tree is the center of a Godswood. It is a Wierwood tree that has a face carved into the wood of the trunk. Heart trees are sacred in the religion of the Old Gods of the Forest, and the closest thing to a "shrine" that the religion possesses.
Weirwoods have red sap, which leaks out of the deep cuts in the trunk made for the eyes of the faces - giving the appearance that they are weeping tears of blood. The faces are thought to have been carved by the Children of the Forest and were later worshiped by the First Men as well."

...Game of Thrones Wiki

In answer to a request, this is a replica of the Weirwood tree from the TV series "Game of Thrones".   It is not a conversion, it's a new mesh.

A Weirwood never changes with the seasons so this replica is NOT seasonal and even though the tree should never be recolored, I made the replica recolorable.  Mostly so the face carvings on the tree trunk can be changed or made invisible.

Faces - 6271 on 9 tiles (696 faces/tile)  Low Poly!
2 recolorable subsets - the bark and the foliage/carving
Appears in the Catalog under Build Mode/Gardening/Trees for 899 Simoleons
The download comes with two recolors...face carving number 2 for the heart tree and a recolor for no face carvings.

Thoroughly tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.
Base Game Compatible.
Files are compressed.

One Note:

I had considered making the tree "pray-able" but decided against it.  The reason...there are two types of praying animations that have been developed by two talented TS2 creators, Rebecah of Affinity Sims and KevinsHope of MTS.  Some people prefer Rebecah's and some prefer KevinsHope's animations.  In order to please everyone, I just omitted the praying animations.  The best way to make the tree "pray-able" is to use an invisible recolor of the praying object of your choice and place it in front of the tree.

The header picture is a game shot taken in my test hood, a vanilla version of Pleasantview.



  1. What a beautiful tree! Thank you so much! I loved the books!

  2. Thank you so much Ray! This is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. This is just GORGEOUS!!!!!! Thank you, Ray!

    Red Sonja (Lisa)

  4. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this !!! I love all your outdoor living species!

  5. It's beautiful, Ray. Very mystical appearance.


  6. Beautiful tree, thank you very much for sharing!

  7. I love how fiction uses trees to connect to humanity. The trees are often symbols of great strength and tend to have an equally impressive story behind them in both the fictional world and the real world. Aside from the Westeros Weirwood Tree, another fictional tree that lingers in my mind is the brilliant bluish purple tree in "What Dreams May Come". Personally, I prefer flowering trees instead of flowers. I especially love when a tree has leaves that are not green (like many of those found in Asian countries). Thank you for sharing this beautiful tree. I think you've captured the essence quiet well.

  8. Thank you so much for your creations. This blog is a treasure indeed.