Sunday, December 11, 2016

Seasonal Lily of the Valley

In answer to a request, I've made a seasonal Lily of the Valley for TS2.

Lily of the valley, sometimes written lily-of-the-valley, scientific name Convallaria majalis, is a sweetly scented, highly poisonous woodland flowering plant that is native throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia, and Europe.  It is possibly the only species in the genus Convallaria.  It is a herbaceous perennial plant that forms extensive colonies by spreading underground stems called rhizomes. New upright shoots are formed at the ends of stolons in summer.  The upright dormant stems are often called pips. These grow in the spring into new leafy shoots that still remain connected to the other shoots under ground, often forming extensive colonies. The stems grow to 15–30 cm tall, with one or two leaves 10–25 cm long, flowering stems have two leaves and a raceme of 5–15 flowers on the stem apex.

The flowers have six white tepals (rarely pink), fused at the base to form a bell-shape, 5–10 mm diameter, and sweetly scented; flowering is in late spring, in mild winters in the Northern Hemisphere it is in early March. The fruit is a small orange-red berry 5–7 mm diameter that contains a few large whitish to brownish colored seeds that dry to a clear translucent round bead 1–3 mm wide. Plants are self-sterile, and colonies consisting of a single clone do not set seed.

All parts of the plant are highly poisonous, including the red berries which may be attractive to children.  If ingested—even in small amounts—the plant can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, reduced heart rate, blurred vision, drowsiness and red skin rashes.

The flower is also known as Our Lady's tears or Mary's tears from Christian legends that it sprang from the weeping of the Virgin Mary during the crucifixion of Jesus. Other etiologies have its coming into being from Eve's tears after she was driven with Adam from the Garden of Eden or from the blood shed by Saint Leonard of Noblac during his battles with a dragon.  It is a symbol of humility in religious painting.  Lily of the valley is considered the sign of Christ's second coming. The power of men to envision a better world was also attributed to the lily of the valley. 

The lily of the valley is Seasons compatible and will change with the seasons.  The seasonal changes only work if the Seasons EP is installed. It can also be used without Seasons, but only the summer state will appear.  

There are 2 versions of the lily of the valley...a single plant (the master file) and a cluster of 4 plants (texture slaved to the master file)
Faces - Single Plant - 650
Faces - Cluster of 4 plants - 1946
Appears in the catalog under Gardening/Flowers for 5 simoleons for the single plant or 15 simoleons for the cluster of 4 plants.
Will not block the Sim's path
Does not require watering or weeding.
Files are compressed.

Meshes and textures by Raynuss

Tested in a vanilla hood with all expansions plus M&G.



  1. So beautiful! Thank you very much!

  2. We had a patch growing at the back of our yard when I was a kid. They made wonderful bouquets for small hands. Thanks for the little stroll down memory lane!

    Lisa/Red Sonja

  3. I just love all of your stuff!

  4. I love Lily of the Valley :) When my family lived in Wisconsin back in '96/97, we had some growing on one side of our home. I like how the blossoms look like delicate little white bells. They smell nice too ;). Thank you for making these.

  5. Despite growing up in a very big city, we had a small front lawn with a few varieties of flowers, including a wonderful little patch of lilies of the valley near the edge of our little patio. One of my earliest memories is of lying on my belly exploring them, smelling that beautiful fragrance, touching the soft little bell, and just marveling over them.

    Thank you for these, Ray. They are a beautiful representation of a beautiful flower.

    Lisa CH

  6. Thanks everybody. I'm glad these little flowers brought back some fond memories for some of you. When I was a child, I found some lilies of the valley growing wild in the woods behind out house. I dug some of them up and planted them in our flowerbed. They thrived and grew and spread their lovely fragrance over the entire garden. My sister used to pick bouquets of them and put them in a small water glass and placed them on the window sill over the kitchen sink. They would last for days and days.


  7. These are perfect. Love your seasonal plants. I never had a decent garden myself, but I do lovely these tiny flowers. They are so incredibly beautiful in their simplicity, and so fragrant. Thank you for sharing these lovelies!

  8. Thank You for your wonderful trees, shrubs and flowers! They make the game look so much better. You are talented and kind and I wish You all the best :-*

  9. More flowers!! Thank you! (I can never get enough flowers... ^_^)