Monday, December 19, 2016

Maxis Match Spiral Wrought Iron Stairs

Several weeks ago I received a request from Maria (you may know her as "Mustluvcatz") to make a wrought iron spiral stair to match the Maxis "WroughtWright, Inc." modular stairs.  This is in answer to that request.

I started by making a wrought iron spiral stair in the same style as those in my previous spiral stairs upload that are meant to be enclosed by walls on at least three sides.  This style should not be used as freestanding stairs like the Maxis spiral stairs (they'll work fine, but they look strange without walls).

When I finished with those, I thought it would be nice to have a "Maxis style" wrought iron spiral stair...the freestanding type.  So I made those too.  Each version has a left and right spiral staircase and the "enclosed" version has matching left and right handrails.  All the meshes are slaved to the master staircase...the left spiral of the version meant to be enclosed with walls.  As with my previous set, the stairs in this set were not cloned from the Maxis spiral stairs.  They use Marvine's custom animations for spiral stairs and don't depend on the Maxis animations to work in the game.  You do not need Marvine's stairs or her animation files for these to work.  All the stairs are base-game compatible so even if you don't have AL, you can have functioning, animated spiral stairs.

Since these stairs are "Maxis Match" and I ripped apart, poked, prodded, reshaped and reassembled the Maxis meshes from the game's "WroughtWright Inc. stairs" to make both styles, the poly count is comparable to the Maxis stairs.

Next I made seven recolors in gray, old brass, oxidized copper, rust, verdigris, white and worn white.  After I finished the recolors, I thought "maybe I should recolor Numenor's recolorable modular wrought iron stairs to match my spiral stairs".  So I made seven recolors of those stairs in the same textures as my stair recolors.  Then I thought "since the spiral stairs would need the Maxis wrought iron fence so the poor Sims wouldn't fall into the hole they make in the floor, I made seven matching recolors of that too.  Then I thought (I really have to stop thinking so much) "if the fence has all those recolors, wouldn't it be nice to have matching recolors for the Maxis wrought iron gate too?".  Voila!  You get seven matching recolors of the gate.


All the spiral stairs appear in the catalog under Build/Stairs.  I've categorized the handrails to appear in the same category as the stairs to make them easier to find and use in the game.

The stairs were tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.
Files are compressed.

I've included a recoloring .psp file in the download with instructions for its use.  I also included a layered .psp file to aid in recoloring Numenor's modular stairs so they match the spiral stair recolors anyone might make.

And lastly... 

Here's wishing you and yoursjoyous Holiday Season overflowing with merriment and cheer and a very happy, prosperous and blessed New Year!



  1. These are so pretty! Thank you so much.

    Happy holidays to you too!

  2. These are wonderful, Ray! And I love the recolors as well!


    Happy Holidays to you and to all!

    Lisa CH

  3. I know I requested the enclosed version and I love it - but I'm also loving the free standing version, the railing on it makes it look so pretty. So many goodies in this download. Thank you, thank you, Thank You Ray!!

  4. Love Wrought Iron. One of my favorite in the maxis match textures. This looks amazing and I can not wait to include it in my hoods. :D thankyou for another wonderful set!

  5. Yay!! Thanks to you we have beautiful wrought iron stairs to match the fence!! The whole set is wonderful. Merry Christmas /(Happy Holidays)and Happy New Year to you and Blessings for 2017! Sandy

  6. These are beyond beautiful! As always, Ray, you are a true master craftsman! Nothing but perfection....

    Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward men....
    God bless us, everyone!

    Lisa/Red Sonja

  7. Wonderful! Thank you Very Much. The white RC will look quite nice in the Ginger Hill Nbhd.
    May you and your family have a blessed and peaceful Christmas holiday, and a prosperous New Year.

    Thank you for all of the fantastic creations you have made and shared with us during the course of 2016 and all the years prior. THANK YOU, Ray!

  8. I love this set and also that you didn't keep the exposed spikes on the rails. It allows a bit of regal beauty and softens the roughness of wrought iron.

    I'm all caught-up on my Ray goodies for now. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!