Friday, November 11, 2016

Paneled Doors and Windows Update - Slot for the Colonnades!

With a little memory jog from Mustluvkatz, I was able to add a decorative slot to the shelf on the two colonnades.  Thanks Maria!  I coded the slot so it will accept sculptures, table lamps and tabletop plants.

I also updated the original download with the updated files.  The files have the same GUID's but I've renamed them to prevent confusion between the original and the updated files.  You MUST remove the two original colonnade files and install the new files if you want the slots to work!  It's only necessary to download these updates if you downloaded the original set before 11-11-2016.



  1. As a rampant slot junkie, I thank you both very much!


  2. Yeah!!!!! Thanks so much for this!

    Lisa (Red Sonja)