Thursday, November 03, 2016

Art Deco Mailbox

I made this per a request from my good friend Lisa (Red Sonja).  She was planning on building an Art Deco Post Office lot and needed a mailbox in the same style.  The box is purely decorative so your Sims can't send mail with it, but it looks pretty to them.

Faces:  1444. 
Appears in the catalog under Sculptures/Decorative for 275 Simoleons.

Mesh and textures by me.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G. 



  1. This is So Gorgeous, Ray! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Lisa C-H

  2. Lovely Mailbox...will it work without M&G? I have installed in my game UNI-NL-SSNs-BV-AL. Thanks In Advance. :)

    1. The mailbox is decorative only and is base game compatible so it should work in your game.


  3. Very nice Ray! I've got a page of downloads to catch up on with you! YEAH BABY!

    I've always found Lisa to be quite useful and inspirational!

    This is absolutely breathtaking! I look forward to adding it to my ground Art Nouveau/Deco archives. It's great to see you creating and sharing after your renovation break. Chat you soon! :)