Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Time On My Hands...

The third and final set of animated, functional clocks for TS2.  This time it's eleven table clocks that show the current sim-time, all with hands that go round and round and pendulums that swing back and forth.

Although this is the last set in the series, it was a table clock that started it all.  A few years ago, I downloaded a mesh for TS3 that had been originally made by Pilar.  I was disappointed that the clock was only a sculpture and I decided to convert it to TS2 and make it animated and functional.  That clock is the Desk Top Clock in this set.  Then I found various other clocks for TS2 that also had been made as a sculpture and I started making animated, functional versions of those too.  It was necessary to remesh  and remap all of them so they could be animated.  For those clocks that had a pendulum, even when it was just part of the texture, I added an animated pendulum.  In addition, I had to create new textures to accommodate the new parts that had to be added to the mesh to accomodate the moving hands and animated pendulums.  As it turns out, it's really more work to animate existing meshes that weren't meant to be animated than it is for meshes I create from scratch.

All of the table clocks appear in the catalog under Electronics/Small.  They were cloned from the base game "Get UP! Alarm Clock" are Base Game compatible.  Since they aren't alarm clocks, I've removed the alarm clock menu choices from all the clocks.

I've included a Collection file with custom icon in in this download.  The collection includes all the clocks from the three sets.  It's not necessary to have all the sets for the collection file to work in your game.  There are actually 3 collection files...One for those who have the Pets EP (RDN_Clock Collection_PETS.package) and two for those who don't (RDN_Clock Collection_RES.package and RDN_Clock Collection_COMM.package).  You need only install the collection file(s) that pertain to the EP's you have.

The Clocks:

Antique Case Clock:
818 Faces.
250 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Comes with recolors in maple, pine and walnut.
Animated pendulum.
Mesh, textures and animations by Raynuss

Lyre Clock:
1946 Faces.
275 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Comes with 2 recolors in amber and gold.
Original mesh by Vitasims.
Remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Cottage Clock:
2516 Faces.
128 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Download includes 2 recolors in brass and silver.
Original mesh by Tarox
Remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Antique Mantel Clock:774 Faces.
250 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Includes 1 recolor in burl.
Animated pendulum.
Original Mesh by 4ESF.
Remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Experia Clock:
222 Faces.
195 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Comes with 4 recolors in cherry, medium, dark and white wood.
Original Mesh by Mutske.
Remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Antique Wood Mantel Clock:
1106 Faces.
255 Simoleons.
Two recolorable subsets, the clock body and the face.  Three clock face recolors and three clock body recolors in tan marble, champagne marble and light wood.
Mesh and textures by Raynuss.

Desk Top Clock:
2110 Faces.
85 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Includes recolors in brass, pewter and white.
Original TS3 Mesh by Pilar.
Converted to TS2, remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Shabby Chic Clock:
922 Faces.
245 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Comes with recolors in pink and "iced tea".
Original mesh by Cashcraft.
Remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Generations Clock:
704 Faces.
249 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Recolors in black, blue, pink and white.
TS3 mesh converted to TS2, remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

 Bear Clock:
862 Faces.
199 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  Recolors in pink, blue and yellow.
TS3 mesh converted to TS2, remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Coastal Accents Clock:
472 Faces.
65 Simoleons.
Recolorable.  comes with 1 recolor in silver.
Original mesh by Cassandre.
Remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Another In-Game shot of my clock shop:


Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.

Base Game Compatible.

Files are compressed.

Ray :) 


  1. Mine.....all MINE! mwahaha! Thank You, dear friend!

  2. Ray, these are wonderful! Thank you for sharing these treasures.

  3. Thank you for making all your clocks animated. They are so much better than just having clutter! Thanks, Ray!

  4. Amazingly gorgeous work, Ray! I'm so grateful for you sharing your talent here.

    Lisa CH

  5. I've been drooling over all your wonderful clocks. I like the original desktop clock but having it functional makes it perfect. Adore your shabby chic clocks in particular! Thank you for making and sharing all of your objects.

  6. Just amazing! And the attention to detail mind boggling! Thank you !!!

  7. Thanks everybody. I'm finally done making clocks (I think!). Gotta get back to more seasonal stuff. :)

  8. Ok! You have me squealing in delight!
    So many beautiful options for clocks !!!
    And I look forward to more seasonal goodies!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely creations!

  9. I'm giggling over these. A few days ago, I placed two of the deco versions of clocks pictured in my American Gothic lot, which I am finalizing 6 versions for sharing (Deco and Generations). Since both were in bedrooms, I wanted them to be functional and here they are. My seeing these happened just in the "knick of time" as I came out of the game to grab recolors of a Maxis shelf. So, now I can trade out one or both clocks. I've decided that your clocks will be the last items added to these lots, as I've been hoarding them in typical perfectionist mode for months now.

    These are the utmost of gorgeousness! Thank you for making our games more beautiful and functional! :)

    1. Hi Steph, nice to hear from you. Thanks for downloading my clocks and thanks, too, for the nice comment. Can't wait to see your American Gothic lot. Where will you be sharing it?

  10. These are divine!!! Deco clocks are fine, but for story tellers like me, we need the time to change! You have outdone yourself Sir! LOVE!!!

  11. I . love . you *unable to utter more, backs slowly

  12. Hi Ray...I PMed you about the lot (so as not to clutter up your post). BTW, the clocks look fabulous in game. I decided to use the Lyre and the darker Shabby Chic recolor in the American Gothic lot. I also added the Chinoiserie standing clock to the parlour. They look stunning in their new home. Do take care and as always, Happy Simming.

    1. PN'd ;you back. Thanks for the comment. :)

  13. The bear and heart clocks just have me smiling like a baby. So cute! Many thanks to you and yours. :)

  14. I do love these clocks but was disappointed I couldn't use any as alarm clocks. I hope you have alarm clocks in your future. You do such amazing work. Thanks for this beautiful set! Celticlass