Friday, June 03, 2016

Clocks Part 2 - Time Marches On!

Continuing with the theme, Eight new functional, animated wall clocks.  They tell the current sim-time, the hands move and the pendulums swing.

The Clocks:

All of the wall clocks appear in the catalog under Electronics/Small.  In order for the clocks to be Base Game Compatible, they were all cloned from the base game "Get UP! Alarm Clock" but have had their BHAV's edited to allow them to function as a wall clocks.  The alarm clock menu options were removed also.

Ship's Wheel Wall Clock:

972 Faces
Two recolorable subsets, the wood and the clock face.  Comes with 5 wood recolors and 6 face recolors.
145 Simoleons.
Mesh and textures by Raynuss

Comfort Living Wall Clock:

476 Faces.
Recolorable.  Comes with 2 recolors, black and tan.
150 Simoleons.
Mesh converted from TS3.  Remeshed, retextured and animated by Raynuss.

Cuckoo Wall Clock:

410 Faces.
Two recolorable subsets, the wood and the flower deco.  Comes with wood recolors in bluewood, darkwood and lightwood plus recolors of the flower deco in bluewood, darkwood, lightwood, default-match wood and an invisible recolor.
225 Simoleons.
Mesh converted from TS3.  Remeshed, remapped, retextured and animated by Raynuss.

Vintage Regulator Wall Clock:

340 Faces.
Recolorable.  Comes with 3 recolors in dark, medium and light wood tones.
275 Simoleons.
Mesh converted from Silent Hill.  Remeshed, resized, remapped, retextured and animated by Raynuss.

Contempo Wall Clock:

1356 Faces.
Recolorable.  Comes with a black and a steel recolor.
200 Simoleons.
Mesh by Sims in Paris.  Remeshed, retextured and animated by Raynuss.

Black Forest Wall Clock:

901 Faces.
Recolorable.  Comes with 2 recolors in dark and light wood tones.
130 Simoleons.
Mesh extracted by Kativip from the Memory Series-Opposition.  Remeshed, retextured and animated by Raynuss.

Coastal Accents Wall Clock:
708 Faces.
Recolorable.  comes with one recolor in marine.
125 Simoleons.
Original Mesh By Cassandre.  Remeshed, remapped and animated By Raynuss.

Nabu Living Wall Clock:
1280 Faces.
Recolorable.  Comes with 3 recolors in blue, light and medium wood tones.
108 Simoleons.
Original Mesh By NANU.  Remeshed, remapped, retextured and animated By Raynuss

Another in-game shot of my "Time Matters" clock shop showing all the wall clocks on display.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.

Base Game Compatible.

Files are compressed.

Ray :) 


  1. Ahh... more ways to keep my sims on time! Meshes and Recolors, no one can resist!
    Thank you for adding these to time keeping pieces. As I said before, its so very nice to have diversity for various households, not matter the theme/setting.
    My many thanks for creating and sharing these!

  2. My Downloads folder is screaming.

    These are just so irresistible!

  3. Glad you like them! I'm working on the third and final set of clocks...the tabletop clocks. I should have them ready for download in a few days.

    Ray :)

  4. Oh thank you! These are fantastic!! These are all great and I think the ships wheel is my fav!!

    1. Thanks Sandy, I'm so glad you like the Ship's Wheel Clock. I designed, meshed and textured that one myself. :)

  5. These are all wonderful! I can't wait to see them in game.

  6. Oh....the Memories..... My grandmother Brooks had a Regulator clock on her kitchen wall (what you have listed as "Vintage") It had been painted white but the paint was yellowed with age.... She had a mantle clock (like the table model in your pic) on top of her upright piano.... My grandmother Ferraro had a Black Forest clock in her parlor .... It definitely takes me back! I simply adore your work, my friend!

    Lisa/Red Sonja

    1. Lisa, My grandmother had an antique case clock on a shelf in her kitchen and a Regulator clock in her dining room. In addition she had a Lancastershire tall case clock in her drawing room. I used to love to hear them chime all together. It was like music. It was so fascinating to a small child. So I know what you mean by "oh...the Memories..."

      Ray :)

  7. These are wonderful too, Ray! Thank you!

    I shall be watching the clock for part three...


  8. Looks like I am behind the 'times'. Being out of commission for several months has left me a bit rusty.

    However, it is so delightful to come back and find so many new pressies.

    Thank you, Ray!

  9. Nonni, so nice to see you back.

  10. Your creations are fantastic!
    My huge thanks for sharing it.
    Fata Morgana from Cradle of Darkness

  11. Hello Ray! I am sorry to bug you again, however I am having a problem with my these clocks. At 11:59pm, the clock errors out, producing this error. This happens only with the wall clocks, not the grandfather clocks or the table clock. This is part of the log:

    at Oct 11 2008,15:12:07

    Object id: 40
    name: Ships Wheel Clock
    Stack size: 3
    Error: Hit Break Point Primitive.
    Iterations: 13
    Frame 2:
    Stack Object id: 40
    Stack Object name: Ships Wheel Clock
    Node: 6
    Tree: id 8193 name 'Alarm - Ring' version -32752
    from Clock_Alarm_Globals
    Prim state: 0
    Params: Locals: 40 0 0
    Frame 1:
    Stack Object id: 40
    Stack Object name: Ships Wheel Clock
    Node: 10
    Tree: id 8201 name 'Function - Main' version -32749
    from Clock_Alarm_Globals
    Prim state: 0
    Params: Locals: 0
    Frame 0:
    Stack Object id: 0
    Node: 1
    Tree: id 4097 name 'Function - Main' version -32755
    Prim state: 0
    Params: Locals:

    Let me know if you need the whole log.

    1. These clocks have been downloaded over 400 times and this is the first time I've heard of this and I haven't experienced it in my vanilla game. I'll look into it and get back to you.

    2. I checked out my wall clocks and they all throw the same error at 11.59 pm. They were all cloned from Boblishman's (MTS) "School Wall Clock" and it too errors out at 11.59 pm. I also have a wall clock by Windkeeper (TSR) titled "Round Wall Clock" and it also throws the same error. I believe Windkeeper's was also cloned from Boblishman's clock.

      I did some digging and found out that Boblishman was aware of the error. From his posts at MTS:

      "I have no idea why, because my clocks do not contain any new BHAV's or hacks...they simply have the Pie Menus disabled. The error only seems to appear if testingcheatsenabled is on. It pops up whenever the clock hits 12:00. I don't know what causes this, but it's perfectly harmless. Just reset the object and you can delete the error log."

      Evidently it isn't a problem unless you play with testingcheatsenabled on (I'm not quite sure why you would find it necessary to do that). I checked this out in the game and without the cheat invoked, the game doesn't crash and continues to play normally. With the cheat invoked, the error pops up. Resetting the object let's you continue playing with, seemingly, no problems. If you're uncomfortable with this, just remove the clocks from your game, including Boblishman's and Windkeeper's if you have them and you won't see the error again.


  12. Thanks, Ray! I do play with Testing cheats enabled and have for years, it is invaluable. I will simply reset the clocks.

    Thank you again.

    1. Thanks so much, Dankeschoen! I'm happy discovering your site
      -and so happy you are that carefully and basegamefriendly!