Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two Downloads Updated!

 I've made a small update to each of two downloads...The Versatile Chimney Set and The Fire Escape Set   In the original sets, the objects were categorized in the catalog under Build Mode/Archetecture which is only available if you have Mansions & Gardens.  If you don't have M&G, the objects won't show up in the catalog even though the objects themselves are all base game compatible.  For those who dont have M&G, I've made a set of each that are categorized as Decorative/Miscellaneous.  You can download them in the corresponding post for each set.

IMPORTANT:  You cannot have the M&G version and the BG version in the game at the same time.  If you download the BG version, you must remove the M&G version from your Downloads Folder. I've added -BG to the end of each file name in the Base Game versions of each set to differentiate between the M&G and the BG versions.

Ray :)

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