Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Versatile Chimney Set with "Smoke Effects"!

I know there are several chimney sets for TS2, but I wanted a set that had unlimited variations and was easy to recolor.  Most of all, I wanted the textures on the chimney to match the wall textures...they should blend seamlessly with the walls.  I also wanted my chimneys to smoke like the Maxis chimneys do.   I wanted a chimney set that was...versatile.  So I set out to make a set just like that. 

The "Versatile Chimney Set" is the only chimney set you'll ever need in your game.  The modular set has different foundations, various bases, main sections and 6 different toppers and they all come in 1 and 2 tile versions...a total of 32 pieces.  And, they can all be  used can mix the 2-tile bases with the 1 or 2-tile main sections and main toppers and place chimneys sets side-by side with seamless blending.  All the toppers come in full story and half story heights for different chimney height variations.  With all the different pieces, you can build chimneys as wide and as tall as you want.  The chimney configurations are endless!  To top it all off and add a bit of realism, all the toppers are equipped with smoke effects.

As a bit of explanation, the Transition Foundation and Transition Base pieces are used when placing a chimney over a 1x2 section of walls.  I made these because a 1x2 wall section is slightly larger that a 1x2 grid section and the 2-tile chimney bases and foundation, which are 2-grid sections wide, won't fit perfectly when placed on a 1x2 wall section.  I know this sounds confusing, but you'll see what I mean when you use the pieces in the game.

For easy recoloring, all stone textures are slaved to one master file and all metal textures are slaved to another master file, so by recoloring two meshes, you actually recolor all 32 pieces in the set.  Files are marked "MASTER" or "slave" to distinguish them from one another.  The stone textures are simply a 512 pixels x 512 pixels texture, so you can use all your favorite wall textures to recolor the chimneys.  Just put two 256 x 512 wall textures side by side to make a 512 x 512 image and you're ready to go.  I've mapped the various pieces and  tweaked the Material Definitions so the chimneys will blend perfectly with the matching walls when viewed in the game as seen below.

The download includes 35 stone recolors.  The textures match some Maxis brick and stone walls and some brick and stone walls by various creators.  The metal recolors on the toppers come with 5 recolors in brass, copper, rusty, tin, and verdigris. 

As a final bit of tweaking, I've made all chimney parts visible in Hood/Lot view.

All meshes are well under 1000 faces/tile with most of them less than 400 faces/tile.  One topper (single-tile topper # 4) has 1500 faces.  All appear in the catalog under Build Mode/Architecture.  1-tile parts are priced at 25 Simoleons and 2-tile parts are priced at 50 Simoleons.

The Base Game version has all the objects categorized as Decorative/Miscellaneous.

If you don't have M&G, download the Base Game version.  Do not download both!  You can only have one version in your game.

Finally, I've included a Collection File with custom icon.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.
Files are compressed.

Ray :)


  1. I love this Ray..and I just downloaded it..can't wait to see it in game thank you :)..this is Broomhilda

  2. This is sooooo cool!... Love it!
    Lisa(Red Sonja)

  3. These are amazing-thank you!

  4. Sweet...
    Been looking for something like this for my modern hood, and lo-an-behold, it was like you were reading my mind.
    Thank you for creating and sharing these!

  5. This is magnificent! Can't wait to put it in my game! Thanks, Ray!

  6. Thank you for a lovely creative versatile set! This looks amazing :)

  7. All kinds of wow! I love them!!!

  8. You have added more fun to my game. First class work and presentation, thank you!

  9. Thanks so much everybody. Your comments are much appreciated. :)

  10. This chimney set is an answer to my prayers. I've ALWAYS wanted to have a deco chimney I could use to replace the maxis ones, and man did I find it! This set is perfect in every way, its customizable, its more streamlined then the bulky maxis version, and it offers so many varieties of chimney tops. I just had to snag this and add it to my game. Thank you for such a wonderful set. Now time to grab your new fireplaces too! n_n


  12. So I feel deeply silly asking this, but I have just downloaded this set and the chimney objects are not "stacking" onto each other as you have in the photos. I have tried moveobjects on and off. What might I be screwing up? Thanks, Raynuss!

    1. You must have a floor tile for the objects to sit on. If you want to stack them without a floor, just place a column next to the spot you want to stack the pieces and the column will generate a floor tile. After you're finished, just delete the column. There's no need to use the moveobjects on cheat.



  13. So I now understand, and here are some pics to show you what I was trying to do, which I ended up accomplishing with OMSPs.

    I thought they were somehow stackable!

    I appreciate your swift and helpful reply, Ray. :-)

  14. Thank you very much, I really need these.