Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Study Room Set

Three new meshes for a study room or library.   The set consists of a 1-Tile Carrel Desk, Desk Chair and a Wire Trash Basket.  

An in-game shot:

Study Room Desk:

Faces - 110
Appears in the catalog under Surfaces/Desks for 225 simoleons.
Six decorative slots.
Recolorable.  The download includes the default texture in light wood and 3 recolors in medium, dark and white wood.
When placed side-by-side, the desks form an uninterrupted row of study carrels like you see in libraries and school study rooms.

Study Room Desk Chair:

Faces - 638
Appears in the catalog under Seating/Dining Chairs for 160 simoleons.
Two recolorable subsets, the wood and the fabric.
Download includes the default textures in  beige fabric and light wood plus 15 recolors of the fabric and 3 recolors of the wood in medium, dark and white wood.

Study Room Trash Basket:

Faces - 1946
Appears in the catalog under Decorative/Sculptures for 45 simoleons
Two recolorable subsets, the wood and the metal wire.
The download includes the default textures in light wood and black metal plus 3 recolors of the wood in medium, dark and white wood and two metal recolors in brass and steel.

Base Game compatible
Files are Compressed

All meshes and textures by me.

Tested in a vanilla hood with all expansions plus M&G.

For Recolorers:

To make it easier for recolorers to retexture objects from The Study Room Set, I've included a folder titled "Recoloring Aids" containing shadow overlays for the Carrel Desk and the Desk Chair.  The two files in .png format are used by placing them over the desired texture as a multiplied layer in your paint program.  The folder also contains an overlay for the fabric and wood subsets of the chair.

Happy Recoloring!

Ray :) 


  1. This will be great for my sim "classroom."

    Love that wood texture!

  2. Ray, this is all kinds of awesome!! Your attention to detail is amazing, thank you so much!!

    1. Thanks Sandy. It's nice of you to notice. I do spend a lot of time tweaking the mesh and textures to get the finished product to be perfect. On this set, I spent most of the tweaking time (about three days of work on the textures so the shadows would look realistic.

  3. Now how did you know I am building a university? This set will be perfect! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful! I love the wood textures. My favourite pieces are the desk and the wastepaper basket, 'cause there just aren't enough wastepaper baskets out there!! Thank yoooou!

  5. Exquisite texturing, you are truly an artist. I'm so glad that you share your gifts with us.

    1. Thanks Nonni. I spent a lot of time working on the texturing for this particular piece. It's nice to know that it's appreciated. :)

  6. I just noticed the wall in your 'in-game' shot. Did you make that wall? I love that wood texture.

    1. Yes I did make that wall. It's one of my knotty pine walls. Would you like to have it? :)

  7. Oh, yeah, you betcha. They are what I imagined in my head. Thanks and big hugs.