Friday, May 13, 2016

Medieval Training Aids


Just a few training aids to help your Medieval Knights get in shape for the fray! 


The first object is a chained dummy used to sharpen up a knight's fighting skills.  The mesh was extracted from "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" and credit goes to  Bethesda Game Studios.  The mesh was heavily edited so it would fit the Maxis animations for the punching bag.  The dummy is fully jointed and therefore will animate when interacted upon by a Sim i.e. the dummy will recoil and swing from the impact of the Sim's punches and kicks.  

Faces - 4226 on 4 tiles (1057/tile)
Appears in the catalog under Hobbies/Exercise for 100 Simoleons.

The second object is a floor exercise mat.  When instructed, the sim will approach the mat, lie down and begin to do exercises (puch-ups, sit-ups, bicycle ab exercise, etc.) and gain fitness  points in the process.  The Sim will continue to exercise until instructed to stop or until he/she reaches the point of exhaustion.  The Sim may also refuse to exercise if he/she is too tired or has low spirits.  Cloned from an exercise mat by Nixed Sims.

Faces - 2 (yes, that's a "two"...low mesh) and it's on 2 tiles (1 face/tile)
Appears in the catalog under Hobbies/Exercise for 10 Simoleons.
This is a Master Mesh.

The third object is a practice mat.  With it, a Sim can "shadow box" (box with an imaginary opponent) and gain fitness points.  The practice mat was cloned from the game punching bag and has all the same interactions and benefits.

 Instructions Explaining Where to Click to Open the Practice Mat's Menu:

Faces - 6 on 4 tiles (less than 2 faces/tile).  Another very low poly object.
Appears in the catalog under Hobbies/Exercise for 20 Simoleons.
Textures are slaved to the exercise mat.

The texture for both mats was extracted from "Oblivion" and applied to the simple meshes I made.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.
Files are compressed.

Ray :)


  1. These are incredible! Thanks Ray!

  2. I didn't know that you were an Oblivion fan!!! I love this!
    It has been snatched and will be well used in my game!

    Lisa/Red Sonja

  3. Fantastic! Thank you, Ray!

  4. Thanks everybody...glad you like them.

    Lisa/Red Sonja, yes, I am an Oblivion fan as well asa fan of the rest of The Elder Scrolls series.

  5. These will be such a wonderful addition to any medieval hood! Love these objects and they will definitely find a home in my Medieval DL folder! I truly appreciate your artistic abilities, and am so very grateful you are sharing them with the rest of us! Thank you three times over!

  6. I put your training aids in my game yesterday and used my sim criminal Vento to try everything out. He loved everything, but his favourite was the shadow-boxing mat! Thanks, Ray!

  7. These look absolutely wonderful. Downloading now!