Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Betsy for Arts Country Sideboard Recolors

The first mesh that Betsy for Arts made was called "Betsy's Country Sideboard" and part of the set was a Simple Sideboard.

The mesh is wonderful in its simplicity and is my favorite mesh to recolor because so much can be done to give it different looks.  The only problem with the original mesh was that it wasn't recolorable.  I fixed that and made several recolors that I shared on Black Pearl Sims.  Somehow the upload was lost and I've received so many requests to re-upload them again I figured it's about time I did just that.  I've made additional recolors since the first upload so I'll share those too.

Included in the download are 16 recolors of the Sideboard in different styles to suite almost every period.  The download also includes the fixed mesh.  If you have Betsy's  original mesh, You'll have to remove it and use my mesh in its place.  I've renamed my fixed mesh to prevent it from being confused with Betsy's original.


The files are named similar to the titles in the pictures above so you can pick and choose which ones you want to keep or discard.

If you'd like Betsy's entire set, which includes the original sideboard and the 5 decorative objects seen in the header picture, you can download it at Betsy's Little Sim Shoppes  HERE.



  1. I have your previous recolors, but am certainly happy to get more beautiful renderings of Betsy's lovely sideboard. Thank you, Ray!

  2. (That last comment was from me, Lisa. Posted too soon!)

  3. Thank you, these are perfect for my medieval and victorian homes!

  4. Gorgeous recolors!! I was just over at her site downloading her recolors of ATS Sandys Mexican coffeetable haha
    Thanks so much for these, much appreciated!!

  5. Hi Ray,

    Have you done any recolors of Betsy's Stickley Sideboard? If so, could you be persuaded to share them? That's another piece I love and would enjoy having in a couple different colors.

    Thanks much, either way.


    1. Hi Lisa, I've only done one recolor of the Stickley Sideboard and that's just a dark walnut recolor. It too is an interesting piece to recolor because the possibilities are endless since it's a very simple mesh. I'll put it on my TDL. :)

  6. Cool! I will look forward to it, Ray - thanks much!