Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Column Fireplace


This fireplace has been in my game for quite a while.  Someone saw it in the screenshots for my Medieval Dining Room Set and inquired where I got it.  I explained that it was an unreleased creation of mine and she asked if I would make it available for download, so here it is!

About the Mesh: 

A few years ago, I downloaded a fireplace from a now closed TS2 site and discovered that the creator had made it as a 1-tile decorative object.  It was also oversized (5 tiles wide) and Sims would walk through parts of the fireplace (something I absolutely hate).  The mesh that was used had been downloaded from a site that offers free 3D meshes.  I liked the design so I decided that I would create a working object from the mesh just for my own gameThen I found that the original mesh had a lot of errors that had to be corrected and also was improperly sized to fit the TS2 fireplace animations.   In addition, the mapping was a nightmare.  It was so bad that it was virtually impossible to easily make recolors and any textures with horizontal or vertical designs (like bricks) couldn't be used at all because they would skew.

So, I went to work and started editing and remapping and making new textures for the fireplace.  After I finished, the fireplace resembled the original only slightly.  The result is The Column Fireplace that is both animated and functional.

The download includes the default texture (a rustic dirty plaster) and 3 recolors (white marble, gray stone and yellow plaster) that should work for different styles of game play.  I personally play both a Medieval period game and a game set in a modern day era and my recolors work for both styles.  I plan on making additional recolors in the near future and will offer them for download.  If anyone wants a specific recolor, feel free to submit a request with the specifications and I'll do my best to accommodate.

An In-Game Screenshot:

Faces:  1548 on 2 tiles (774/tile)
Appears in the catalog under Appliances/Miscellaneous for 499 Simoleons.

Three mantel slots.  The slots have been coded to accept anything that an endtable will accept...table lamps, sculptures and tabletop flower arrangements.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.
Files are compressed.

Ray :)


  1. Wow! I got sick, came back, and there are so many wonderful things! Love the fireplace, crucifix, forsythia, the cherry tree! But my personal favorite since I was a small girl picking flowers, the Queen Anne's Lace. It brings back wonderful memories! Thank you so much! Blessings, Katherine

  2. Very nice!

    Thanks, Ray!


  3. Beautiful! I would love to see some additional recolors that would match your other textures for your other medieval objects. Thanks for this!

  4. Thanks, Ray! It looks great!

  5. Oh, Ray! This is just perfect. I have been looking for this Tudor style fireplace for years!!!! Thank you for posting it

  6. Oh!! So beautiful!! I am so tempted to try a Medieval game since I never have before. There are just so many awesome downloads for this period now, thanks to you and others..Where do you suggest I go to learn what all is entailed? Thank you for the wonderful fireplace.

    1. Hi Sandy, so glad you like the fireplace. It's not necessary to use it in a Medieval game since simply recoloring it can make it fit in a modern setting. One of the recolors included in the download (the while marble) looks quite good in a contemporary game. Also some of the recolors I'm making ( "Beachy", white wood, medium wood and a few others) are made especially for games other than Medieval.

      However if you want to start a Medieval game, 2 sites come to mind...The Medieval Smithy ( and Plumb Bob Keep ( ). Both sites are dedicated to CC for Medieval style games.

    2. Thanks for the info Ray! I will definitely ck out those links :)

  7. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  8. Beautifull fireplace, Ray. And just in time for my birthday too! Many thanks for all your considerable work with Sims 2 items. Greywolf3 at PBK