Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seasonal Bioshock Roses-No Roses Recolor

I had a request to make a recolor of the Seasonal Bioshock Rose Bushes with just leaves and no roses so it could be used as a short or tall leafy hedge.  Ilikefishfood was thoughtful enough to send some pictures to me of how they look in her game.  The pictures are of a lot she's building for a 200 followers gift at her site.

Shrubs With No Roses Recolor

Hedge With No Roses Recolor

Ilikefishfood has some wonderful things at her site.  Be sure to visit her at:

     Of course you need the meshs available HERE.

Ray :)


  1. Thank you! Blessings, Katherine

  2. Thank you soooo much Ray! You've made my whole rest-of-the-month! You make my game look so pretty! With creators like you, talented and generous, I will never, ever get tired of playing TS2. This September makes 12 years that I've been playing, and it's still exciting to me! Have an awesome day! Thank you for fulfilling my request! :-)

  3. I've got these plants in my Regency hood and they look marvelous! Thanks for another recolour, Ray!

  4. You're too kind Ray! It was my pleasure to show off your pretty hedges and bushes. The first pic is a soon-to-be-shared lot, the other is a lot I already offered BEFORE I had your gorgeous hedges. I'd had to use slot placements to make double height bushes. Now I have the real thing!!! When I have time I'll repackage it with your hedges. You rock!!!

  5. Thank you! Btw, lovely preview pictures <3

  6. Fantastic! And so necessary. Thank you!!!