Monday, March 14, 2016

Golden Harbinger of Spring

 Forsythia - Seasonal and Base Game

Forsythia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Oleaceae (olive family).  There are about 11 species, mostly native to eastern Asia, but one is native to Southeastern Europe.  The common name is also forsythia; the genus is named after William Forsyth (1737–1804), a Scottish botanist who was royal head gardener and a founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Forsythias are popular early spring flowering shrubs in gardens and parks.  Two are commonly cultivated for ornament, Forsythia × intermedia and Forsythia suspensa.  They are both spring flowering shrubs, with yellow flowers.  They are grown and prized for being tough, reliable garden plants.  Forsythia × intermedia is the more commonly grown, is smaller, has an upright habit, and produces strongly colored flowers.  Forsythia suspensa is a large to very large shrub, can be grown as a weeping shrub on banks, and has paler flowers.  Many named garden cultivars can also be found.  Forsythia is frequently forced indoors in the early spring.

Commercial propagation is usually by cuttings, taken from green wood after flowering in late spring to early summer,  Alternatively, cuttings may be taken between November and February.  Low hanging boughs often take root, and can be removed for transplanting.   A common practice (known as layering) is to place a weight over a branch to keep it on the ground and, after it has rooted, to dig up the roots and cut the rooted part from the main branch.  This can then be planted.

Forsythia suspensa is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Chinese herbology.  Forsythia sticks are used to bow a Korean string instrument called ajaeng.

The seasonal Forsythia bush correctly changes with the seasons and drops leaves in the fall.  The changing-of-leaves only works if the Seasons EP is installed. It can also be used without Seasons, but only the summer state will appear.   

Because Forsythia is Spring-blooming, those without the Seasons EP would only see the non-blooming Summer state in their game, so I made a Base Game version with seasonal recolors.

The Base Game version includes:
A summer recolor...full green leaves, no flowers
A fall recolor...full reddish leaves, no flowers
A winter recolor...bare branches.

Faces: 1654 on 4 tiles (414 faces per tile)
Appears in the catalog under Garden Center/Shrubs for 50 Simoleons.
Compressed. Tested in a vanilla hood with all expansions plus M&G.

Mesh by me created in Milkshape.  Textures by me created in PSP.

IMPORTANT!  Since the two versions share the same GUID, you may only have one version of the forsythia in your game.  Install only one... the Seasons or Base Game version. 

Ray :)



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