Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Fresh as a Daisy"

Another flower I made for my Sim's gardens. Easy to grow, always fresh, and always eye-catching, Shasta Daisy is a longtime favorite of mine. The sturdy stems and long vase-life make the flowers unbeatable for cutting.  Some members of the genus are considered noxious weeds, but the Shasta Daisy remains one of my most cherished garden plants.

The Shasta Daisy originated as a hybrid produced in 1890 by the American horticulturist Luther Burbank from a number of different daisies.  It was named after Mount Shasta, because its petals were the color of the snow. Shasta daisies are characterized by a distinct odor which some find unpleasant.

These were previously posted at Affitity Sims but since that time I've made them Seasons Compatible.  These will replace the original non-seasons version since they share the same GUID, however I've given them a different name to differentiate between the two versions.  If you have the non-seasons version from Affinity Sims and you want to use this seasons version, you must remove the non-seasons version from your game.  They CANNOT be used together.

The Shasta Daisy is Seasons compatible and will change with the seasons.  The seasonal changes only work if the Seasons EP is installed. It can also be used without Seasons, but only the summer state will appear.

Faces: 3792
Appears in the catalog under Gardening/Flowers for 5 simoleons
Will not block the Sim's path
Does not require watering or weeding.

Mesh by me created in Milkshape.  Textures by me created in PSP.

 Ray :)



  1. Another seasonal treasure for my sims. I really enjoy reading about each plant. Thank you again!

  2. Thank you, Ray! Another wonderful plant!

  3. Ooh, daisies! I can have daisies now! Thanks, Ray!


  4. Daisies are one of my favorites too!! Thank you so much!

  5. Thanks everybody, I appreciate the comments. I taking a break from making plants for a little while. They're very labor intensive to make and I'm getting a little anxious to do something else that's a little easier. But I still intend to share a lot more seasonal plants.

  6. Thanks Ray, I appreciate all your efforts!

  7. My admiration, you are a wonderful artist, thanks for existing. I remained amazed with his work, thank you very much, I enjoy very much the game now. Impressed!
    I love the daisies