Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Angel In Mourning

A TS3 mesh converted to TS2.  The original object had pixie wings (???) which I thought were strange, so I removed them and added angel wings in their place.  I also remapped the object and gave it new textures.

Faces:  2286 on 2 tiles (1143 faces /tile)
Appears in the catalog under Decorative/Sculptures for 400 Simoleons
Cloned from a base-game sculpture

The object has two recolorable subsets, the angel and the base.  The download includes the mesh and 8 recolors...4 stone and 4 wood.


(This object had been previously available at Affinity Sims.  No changes have been made.)

Ray :)


  1. A wonderful addition to my graveyard. I love the butterfly-ish quality of the wings.

  2. Beautiful Angel in Mourning, thank you for sharing it here! :)

  3. Beautiful angel, goes straight to my victorian city graveyard! Thank you very much.

  4. Thanks everyone. Glad you like the angel. More to come!