Tuesday, December 29, 2015

TS3-TS2 Glauer Tree - Seasons Compatible

In answer to a request at GOS, I've made the TS3-TS2 converted Glauer Tree compatible with the Seasons EP.  The original mesh was converted by ZeusSims.  I remeshed the tree and created a set of textures to be able to make it seasonal.


 The Glauer Tree will correctly change with the seasons and drop leaves in the fall.  The changing-of-leaves only works if the Seasons EP is installed. It can also be used without the Seasons EP, but only the summer state will appear.  

This tree is based on my template which has 2 subsets,  4 seasonal changes, and leaves that drop in the fall.

This is a BIG tree and is very high poly.  I  made it a little easier on slower computers by giving it a 12-tile footprint which splits up the polys into 12 groups.  The game loads objects tile by tile and having less polys per tile makes it more fps (Frames per Second) friendly.  The 12-tile footprint also assures that your Sims won't walk through the tree's trunk.

Faces:  10412 tiles on 12 tile (868 faces/tile)

Appears in the Catalog under Gardening Center/Trees for 390 Simoleons

Recolorable.  Visible in Neighborhood View.

Tested in a Vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.  File is Compressed.  If you experience any problems with the tree, please don't hesitate to contact me via email or in the comments area.



  1. Thank you! Beautiful, as usual

  2. Yet again a beautifull job, Ray. Many thanks for this tree, your items make continuing to play Sims 2 worthwhile! Greywolf3 from PBK

  3. I love things that are edited to work with seasons, thanks !

  4. Wonderful! I am always looking for new trees and I didn't even have to go to GOS for it! Yeah! Blessings, Katherine

  5. Thanks Katherine. As a matter of information, None of my creations are available anywhere else. They are only available here at Imagine That! Even though I may create something in answer to a request at a another site, I always post the finished produce here. I have never uploaded to GOS. You have to go through too many hoops to satisfy their uploading policy. :)

  6. I hesitantly downloaded this tree a while back, thinking how beautiful it was, but at the same time worried whether my poor graphics card could cope with a tree this big. It could, and I loved having a huge, shady tree that dominated the back yard of the lot where I placed it. However, it wasn't until autumn came to the lot, and I saw it in all its glory, that I literally squeed so loudly and enthusiastically that my husband came running to see what the excitement was about! Ray, you have totally outdone yourself. The richness and variety of the colour is just amazing. The picture above doesn't do it justice.

    1. Croiduire, I'm so glad you like the tree and I thank you for the glowing compliment. The tree is indeed very high poly, but because I gave it a 12-tile footprint, it behaves in the game as if it were an acceptable poly mesh (less than 1000 polys per tile). The size of the object doesn't affect frame rates, it's how many faces/tile the object has. For older computers that figure should be 1000 faces or less. It should do fine on even older computers even if you use more than one on a given lot. :)