Thursday, April 09, 2015

Medieval Changing Booth

My Medieval Sims needed a changing booth that looked period appropriate for use with Apparel Shops so I created this for them. 

In Game Screenshot

Although it was intended for my Medieval Hood, with the right recolors it can also be used as a beach changing booth in modern hoods too.  I've included 4 "beachy" recolors with that in mind.  The booth curtain is animated meaning that the curtain will glide open when a Sim is entering or exiting the booth.  The booth has all the Maxis Menu Functions like "Plan Outfit", Change Outfit" and "Try On" as well as "Woohoo", "Join Woohoo" and "Try for Baby".

Mesh Statistics:

  • Faces:  3056
  • Appears in the Catalog under Miscellaneous/Dresser for 150 Simoleons
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Functional with Animated Curtain
  • Has all the functions of the Maxis Changing Booths
  • Recolorable...12 fabric choices included

Mesh by me created in Milkshape.  Textures by me created in PSP.  Files are compressed

Ray :)


  1. Thank you! I've needed a clothing booth for my medieval sims for ages.

  2. Ray, great work as always and thanks again for creating for Sims 2. Greywolf3 at PBK.

  3. Thanks everybody for the comments. They help to keep me wanting to create for TS2