Sunday, March 01, 2015

Lighted Billboards

I guess by now you know that I strive for realism in my game and in the custom content I create.  An ever-so-slightly weathered billboard for rooftops or roadsides that lights up at night and casts a light pattern on the ground beneath.  The signs are pretty clean, but the wood framework has varying degrees of weathering, mostly bleached-out or worn...nothing really grungy :).

Mesh statistics:
  • 2626 faces on 6 tiles (434 faces /tile => low poly).
  • Appears in the catalog under Lighting/Miscellaneous for 300 Simolens.
  • 2 recolorable subsets, the sign and the wood framework.
  • Visible in neighborhood view.

Comes with 38 recolors of the sign and 4 recolors of the wood.

Some of the sign recolors are of recognizeable international companies (Coke, Jeep, Levi, Subway, etc) and some are signs I made of sim-businesses in my game (Royal Pawn Shop, Cal's Used Cars,  Applecross Country Club, etc.).

Tested in a vanilla game with all Expansions plus M&G.  Base Game compatible.  Files are compressed.

As always, if you experience any problem with this object, please don't hesitate to contact me via the email form or in the comments section.

Ray :)


  1. Good timing - the notice showed up just as I started my updates!

  2. I almost didn't get it uploaded today. I've been playing around with it this entire morning making improvements and testing it in-game.

  3. These are very useful, thank u!!!

  4. Fantastic! Thank you so much

  5. That's a great billboard, thank you!