Saturday, March 14, 2015

Functional, Animated Rocking Horse

A Functional, Animated Rocking Horse for Toddler Sims.  Cloned from the Maxis "Bouncy Bork Spring Rider" that came with the Apartment Life Expansion Pack.

Mesh Statistics:
  • 2307 faces on 2 tiles (1154 per tile)
  • Appears in the catalog under Miscellaneous/Child for 25 Simoleons
  • Two recolorable subsets, the horse and the rocker.
  • Includes 14 recolors... 4 clean wood tones, 4 painted wood and 6 weathered wood tones.
  • Files are Compressed
  • Requires the Apartment Life EP

 About The Mesh

This is something I created for my own use several years ago and never released until now.  The original mesh was one I found online at the website but it was so  extremely high in polys that I didn't want to use it for my rocking horse (almost 5000 faces...a reason why I rarely use downloaded meshes...they're usually ridiculously high in poly count).  However, it did give me a good base from which to remesh my own version of a rocking horse.  My version has only 2307 faces and when used for a 2-tile object results in only 1154 faces per acceptable level.  I also created my own textures and mapping for the mesh.  I've since discovered that the original mesh has been used by at least two other creators.  So if you see another TS2 rocking horse that looks similar, nobody stole anybody's mesh.  We all just started with the same downloaded one.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.  I didn't alter any of the original coding so It works exactly like the Maxis Spring Rider.

Ray :)


  1. Very nice, I love this and love all the colors. Thank you :)

  2. Red Sonja here....

    This is so cute! Thanks, Ray!

  3. Beautiful! I cannot wait to try it.

  4. Super cute, and adaptable to any theme. I love it!