Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Default Replacement Nightlife Chef's Stove

I've been using an invisible recolor of the Nightlife EP's  "Tempest Cooktop from Cuas" Chef's Stove as a default replacement for my Medieval Hood so my historic Sims would have a restaurant stove that would be appropriate for the period.  However, using an invisible recolor has its drawbacks...mostly with the animations and difficulty of placement.  It can only be used with specific decorative fireplaces/medieval ovens, has to be placed in a specific manner with cheats, often requires additional surface-type objects be placed along with the oven (usually with cheats), etc., etc., etc. and even then there are problems with the animations of the invisible oven matching the visible oven.  So I decided to make my own Medieval Default Replacement for the Chef's Stove and the result is this:

The Medieval Default Replacement Nightlife Chef's Stove is a period appropriate kitchen fireplace for use in Medieval or other period hoods.  It functions exactly like the Maxis stove including all the menu options and animations and requires no cheats or tricks to place or use it in the game because it has the same footprint as the Maxis stove.

Mesh Statistics:

  • 1724 faces (compared to 3006 for the Maxis stove), appears in the catalog under Appliances/Cooking for a mere 500 Simoleons.
  • Two recolorable subsets (the fireplace stone and the fireplace mantel)
  • Comes with 12 recolors of the stone and 4 recolors of the mantel.
  • Requires the Nightlife Expansion.
  • Files are compressed.


NOTE:  You may have only one default replacement for any specific Maxis object in your game.  If you have any other default replacement for the Chef's Stove and you want to use my default replacement, you MUST remove the other replacement from the game.  Failure to comply will result in indescribable horror in your hood...(not really.  the game engine will just pick one of the replacements to use depending how they load...could be mine, could be the other).

Mesh by me, created in Milkshape.  Textures by me, created in PSP.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.  If you experience any problems with the stove, please don't hesitate to contact me either via email or in the comments section.

Ray :)


  1. I could just hugs you right now, Raynuss! This is so much better than all the steps to use an invisible recolor. Plus it's gorgeous! I absolutely love it! epo linked this in the "Best Finds" area of PlumbbobKeep (I'm Xia over there). I'm going try it out just as soon as a get offline. Thanks again.

  2. OMG! Ray, I love this!!! It is a long over due addition to our game!
    * ClstlDrmr83

  3. That´s such a nice stove !!
    It´s a pitty that it works only for nightlife :(

    1. Yes, since this is a default replacement, it's only for the NL Expansion. However, I'm presently working on a set that will have TWO new Medieval cooking fireplaces that, in my opinion, are better looking than this fireplace and will be Base Game compatible. It's a huge set with tons of objects both functional and decorative to use with the fireplaces.

  4. Hi Ray!.... Red Sonja from PBK here.... I love your stove and I have snagged a copy....Thanks!

  5. This makes me ridiculously happy. Not having to mess around with invisible recolors and placeholders on every lot will be so very useful.Thank you.

  6. So gorgeous to find your great site and all the wonderful new things you created!!

  7. I love this! Amazing work!

  8. This stove looks so great! Are you planning to make a non-default version of it that can be used on residential lots as a two tile kitchen stove? I do not play a medieval themed neighborhood but anyway this stove would look gorgeous in a cottage kitchen. Kind regards, KittyKatty

  9. At this time, I do not have plans to make a non-default version. That's no to say I won't consider it in the future. :)