Sunday, February 22, 2015

Home Comfort Set

This is the last set I shared on BPS before the decision to eliminate their Downloads Section.  I'm adding it here because the next set I plan to share has objects that are slaved to objects in this set.

The system consists of:

*Basic Furnace
*Piping to make it a furnace for a hot water circulating system
*Ductwork to make it a furnace for a forced hot air system
*Fuel Oil Storage Tank
*Hot Water Heater
*Baseboard Radiator.

My inspiration for the set started with this image of a furnace:

 And evolved into this set: 

Mesh Statistics:

Basic Furnace: 546 faces, appears in the catalog under Appliances/Miscellaneous for 4500 Simoleons.  Recolorable, includes 5 recolors.

Furnace Piping:  3316 faces, appears in the catalog under Appliances/Miscellaneous for 1800 Simoleons.  Recolorable, includes 3 recolors.

Furnace Ductwork:  1178 faces, appears in the catalog under  Build Mode/Architecture for 165 Simoleons.  Slaved to the Maxis Vims Ventillation Wall System. Requires AL EP.

Hot Water Heater:  1099 faces, appears in the catalog under Plumbing/Miscellaneous for  1800 Simoleons.  Recolorable, includes 4 tank recolors and 3 pipe recolors.

Fuel Oil Tank:  787 faces/tile, appears in the catalog under Appliances/Miscellaneous for 75 Simoleons.  Recolorable, includes 8 recolors.

Baseboard Radiator:  360 faces, appears in the catalog under Appliances/Miscellaneous for 24 Simoleons.  Recolorable, includes 9 recolors.

Meshes are Base-Game compatible with the exception of the Furnace Ductwork which requires Apartment Life and the Fuel Tank which requires University.  I've added a base game version of the fuel oil tank for those who don't have Uni.

Tested in a vanilla game with all expansions plus M&G.  Files are compressed.

All Meshes are my own and textures are my own, created in PSP.

Next up will be an addition to this set that adds functional heating and air conditioning. 


Ray :)


  1. Amazing work Raynus!!!! Our sims will definitely enjoy this!!! Always look forward to your wonderful creations!!!

  2. I've already downloaded this from BPS but I didn't thank you, so I'll do that now, thank you Ray.

    1. Michelle B, thank you for the "thank you"! :)

  3. Been following you since at least N99! So glad you opened this blog! My fav is Sims 2 also (Sometimes play S1) Sims 3 don't like, and Sims 4-have it, and have played about 12 hours lol...Thanks again Raynus!

  4. Great Raynuss, glad that you started your own blog (it is bookmarked!). So many sites are closing... Thanks for these meshes. I like machines (heavy and otherwise), especially the ones which make our games more realistic. epo

  5. I just installed this system in one of my houses. I love it! the realism is incredible.
    Thank you, Ray!