Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Medieval Restaurant Podiums

In addition to my Modern Hood, I play a Medieval Hood in TS2 so, from time to time, some of the custom content I will share here on "Imagine That!" will be things I created for my historical Sims.  This is the first of many to come.

I've used a lot of invisible recolors of the OFB restaurant podiums in my Medieval Hood, but all of them seemed to have some sort of a problem...Sims complaining that their route was blocked, the Sim Host/Hostess answering an invisible phone, and several other bothers.  I present to you two (yes two!) Medieval inspired restaurant podiums that have none of those problems. 

The podium has no phone (actually it's just invisible) but I've disabled the phone interactions so the Host/Hostess won't ever try to use it.  All he/she will do is check the reservation book and seat customers.  No more incessant talking on a phone that wouldn't have been invented yet in Medieval Times.  Other than that, they function the same as any Maxis restaurant podium.

Mesh Statistics:

Podium 1 (Master)  1266 faces, appears in the catalog under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous for 200 Simoleons.  Comes with  8 recolors:  5 Pooklet woods (DepthCharge, Incendiary, MailBomb, PipeBomb and SafetyFuse) and 2 using Goat's Basic Light and Dark Wood textures.

Podium 2 (slave)  1064 faces, appears in the catalog under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous for 200 Simoleons.

Meshes are my own created in Milkshape.

Tested in a vanilla game with all Expansions plus M&G.  Requires the BV Expansion.  Files are compressed.

As always, if you experience any problems, please don't hesitate to contact me either by using the contact form or in the comments section.

Ray :)


  1. I am currently working on OFB lots, so this is a perfect addition to the game! Thank you :)

  2. Beautiful work! I use a lot of your creations in my game. And these podiums I will definitely use. Thank you, Ray.

  3. Raynuss, Greetings! Glad to see you'r still creating for Sims 2. These podiums will make my Medieval inns & larger taverns much more pleasing to the eye. Many thanks for your hard work & effort. Greywolf3 from PBK

    1. Yep, still creating...never stopped.

  4. I thought I commented on this when I first saw it, shame on me!! This little gem has been a long time needed object for Ye Olde Themed Games. Thank you for finally bringing it to life.
    * ClstlDrmr83 @ PBK
    Apparently the 'Comment As' doesn't like my Google Account.

  5. This is an excellent piece! Very well done, as always!